Until Next Time...

The Past

House of the Dying Sun has been fully released for three weeks! That seems like a lifetime ago. There is a patch in the works to fix some small issues but the game is very close to getting frozen in carbonite for good. We have no plans to create any DLC.

This is bittersweet. House was a huge source of excitement, worry, frustration, and pride in our daily lives. It was also our first project on our own and we earned a ton of experience that will carry forward into future adventures.

Thanks to everyone that helped the game in some way, whether you contributed your time to create your art for it, test it, review it, or simply play it! It was a success thanks to you!

The Future

We are still looking at ports to consoles, but nothing is solid yet. We should know more about this in the new year.

The future is bright, and full of possibility. We are finally going to take that vacation and maybe start helping friends with some of their projects. Research has also begun on a mythical Marauder Interactive Game #2 which will likely be a huge departure from House of the Dying Sun. We won't be talking about that for a long time (if ever), and many things can change, but we hope you'll join us for whatever is in store.

Thanks, and good hunting!