“House of the Dying Sun rushes ahead with furious focus and great urgency, and it’s hard not to get caught up in its dark current.”Kotaku

“House of the Dying Sun isn't the perfect modern space shooter, but holy cow does it show signs of coming close.” PC Gamer

“Space Sim House of the Dying Sun Gets Combat Down to a Science.” Wired

Key Features:

  • Classic Space Sim Combat: Fly from the cockpit of the Executor Mk II with gameplay heavily influenced by the titans of yesteryear
  • Take Command: Give orders to any vessel in your fleet from a tactical overview, switch to another fighter, or pause time and carefully consider your next move
  • Replayable Scenarios: Choose one of four increasingly-brutal difficulties in each of the 14 campaign scenarios, or compete against other players in a daily procedural challenge.
  • Powerful Upgrades: Complete bonus objectives to earn special fleet upgrades such as the Gap Drive or the Kamikaze Chassis. You'll need these to tackle the most difficult scenarios.
  • VR & Monitor Support: House of the Dying Sun was carefully designed for both traditional monitors and VR headsets such as the HTC Vive. It also supports 21:9 displays!

Be sure to check out the original soundtrack,  Resonance of War , composed by  Olivier Zuccaro  with cover art by  Antoine Ghioni .

Be sure to check out the original soundtrack, Resonance of War, composed by Olivier Zuccaro with cover art by Antoine Ghioni.


Superconductor carapace flushed with condensed superfluid helium.
Quantum stasis system.
One occupant.
Permanent seal.