House of the Dying Sun - 6/7/2016

Enemy Starfighter is now House of the Dying Sun, and it'll be out June 7th at 10:00am PST on Steam!

Launch & Beyond

House has had a ton of iteration put into it before even hitting Early Access, so right now I have no plans to add or change anything major to the game. The remaining work will center around bugs, weapons, upgrades, wave clear, and mission balance. 

What's the final gameplay like?

You're out for revenge.

The campaign is a hit-list of 14 custom-built assaults and assassinations with three brutal difficulties and bonus objectives. These objectives take heavy inspiration from the legendary TIE-Fighter series and Descent: Freespace, but House puts its own spin on them.

Each mission requires you to jump in, complete your objectives, and get out before you are intercepted by a massive traitor flagship.

Completing missions and bonus objectives allows you to upgrade your fleet in many different ways including unlocking new weapons or modifications. These in turn will help you tackle harder encounters in ways more suited to your play style. 

Is it still randomized?

Nope.  The combat in House is HIGHLY dependent on positioning and timing to make it sing. This means old-school encounter design. I really came to grips with this last summer and immediately shifted gears. Now the game runs on highly crafted, lightning fast fights that have designed enemy setups, sight lines, engagement ranges, reinforcements, custom AI behaviors, and more. 

VR vs Traditional Monitors

The game is designed for both VR and for traditional monitors. Cockpit games have the luxury of being able to do both fairly well. But please realize this is not a game you use to sell your grandmother on VR. It's intense.

House uses SteamVR/OpenVR which allows me to support both the Rift and the Vive.

What controller should I buy for the game?

House of the Dying Sun works great with just a keyboard and mouse, but was designed with a dual-analog gamepad (Xbox 360, DualShock 4) as the "lead" controller. We highly recommend one of those. Don't buy a HOTAS specifically for this game!