9/1 Update


A lot of people were up here in Seattle for PAX. This is great because even though I didn't end up showing Starfighter at the show, I was able to run many friends from out of town through the game. Many of them haven't played it yet, so it was great having fresh eyes on it.

Feedback was positive, especially for the cockpit combat, but there was some consistent feedback about the campaign mode framework that I'd like to address. These fixes don't involve adding major new features, just rearranging some mechanics that are already present and streamlining other aspects of the mode.

I'll talk more about this when the changes are ready.

So (surprise!) I'll be taking a little more time and fixing these issues, but that will just make for a shorter and better alpha/beta experience for everyone. It'll be ready when it's ready, but no one wants this out more than me.

Why not just open the game up into Early Access and get feedback that way? 

You basically get one shot at launch, Early Access or not, so it had better be good. Wave Clear is there and fun, but it's not enough to launch and then hold back the other mode.

Another aspect is the scope of feedback you receive from a large pool of participants. Detail-oriented feedback on balance, UI, and whatnot is great from a large group of people because it gives you a really good sample to pull from. 

But I don't believe a large group is ideal for offering feedback about the issues above, especially when under the unique constraints present with ES. I'm much more comfortable looking to other devs for feedback on these things. If it were a pure PvP game, or sandbox-MP game (Rust, DayZ, etc), that would be a different story!

Until next time!