8/1 Update

It's been a crazy few weeks, and my task list is getting smaller and smaller.


  • Cockpit training has gone through some more iterations and is ready for Early Access.
  • More waves have been added to the wave clear mode and it is ready for Early Access.
  • The campaign is rolling itself out to the player in much more understandable way thanks to feedback from some old coworkers.
  • A navigation/combat toggle has been added to the cockpit mode. This will show/hide navigation or combat telemetry and cleans up the display considerably.
  • Some upgrades that you earn in the campaign now persist across playthroughs, and certain things unlock after you complete a playthrough.
  • Several crashes and memory leaks have been hunted down and eliminated.
  • Each difficulty mode is feeling more distinct.


Getting ready for launch, the overall priorities are now:

  • Keyboard and Mouse Controls - I need to spend some time on this due to some great feedback I've gotten.
  • Gamepad Controls - The 360 controller has always been a priority, but it's now time to shift focus to DualShock4 controls for a few days.
  • Campaign Tutorial - There are a few things that still need to be done to make this better, and make it work in VR.
  • Stability & Bugs - The reason for this should be obvious!
  • VR Support - There are a million little ways to improve this experience, and it doesn't help that the tech is still very much a work in progress. Along with some VR UI, there are some sorting bugs that are screwing up the experience.
  • Marketing - I still have to create a new trailer. Olivier has written some killer music that is just waiting for some new footage!
  • Balancing - After this weekend, this work will mainly be relegated to ship and weapon stats, fleet roster changes, and terrain layouts.

Thanks for hanging in there!