7/10 Update

The heat is subsiding in the Pacific Northwest, which is awesome. In the meantime, it was a super productive week. Here are some random shots I took while working:


  • Olivier wrote some incredible trailer music and sent it my way!
  • Cleaned up some of the audio low end using some tricks an old colleague taught me -- everything is still beefy but it all ducks based on priority now
  • Wave Clear is about done and ready now that I've integrated the pilot tutorial into the beginning (optional)
  • Wave Clear needs more waves, and sometime this fall I'll revisit it to add more depth
  • Mouse and keyboard controls are fixed up. Warrens now use the mouse properly if present. There's an odd case here or there but it feels much better. The pilot controls are not ideal, but I'll improve them with the right feedback. I feel like to do the best KBAM controls, it would be third person, but that would take a while and would have to come later if at all.
  • The game is barking a lot more stuff at you in the form of a toast, which helps readability quite a bit. I would say that 80% of my work lately has been in regards to teaching the player the game or helping them to read what's happening.

There's still a little more to go, but we're getting there! Thanks for tuning in!