May Update



A few people have kindly written articles about a recent build of Enemy Starfighter. Check them out!

And a few others have streamed or uploaded some footage of the game! 

Thanks, everyone!


PAX East was awesome. If you stopped by to play or say hi, thanks! It's always fun to talk with attendees. It's also an incredibly useful focus test. I scrutinize each and every playthrough, watching how players respond to everything from controls to target readability. Needless to say, I learn a lot from each person!

Big thanks to the Indie MEGABOOTH, our generous sponsors, and the PAX Enforcers. You all rock, and I have no idea what we would do without you!



Even though the first batch of press builds went out only a few weeks ago, a lot of progress has been made on Starfighter since.

  • Federation fleets use a refined hybrid scripted/dynamic group objectives to move around the solar system. This system is a simple version of what we used on Reach for controlling squad movement. I'm (still) a huge believer in Bungie's approach to building combat encounters. If you want more info, check out Damian Isla and Max Dyckhoff's GDC slides.
  • Units can earn XP and level up. This is a crucial element of creating persistence and making you grow attached to your fleet. This will be hitting the test builds in a few days.
  • Lots of AI fixes with steering, weapon usage, solar system movement, and order response.
  • Asteroid fields use a better type of random generation than I was using before. This lets me create much larger fields, but right now it's at the cost of performance. I'm working on this!



  • Push the progression system, iterate on the best ways to give out XP, and determine the best way to let players level up their fleets.
  • Now that the solar system movement code is in a good spot, make this more dynamic by (re)introducing other inhabitants to the systems like traffic and mining ops.


Last Stand vs. Campaign

The only mode available in the public build is Last Stand. It is a wonderful testing ground for campaign features such as the bounty system and fleet movement. I don't, however, have some super secret campaign file that is floating around in my source depot.

What does exist is a stable of features at various stages of polish that I am dropping into Last Stand to push the gameplay in the desired direction. This is all done in response to feedback I get from my friends and testers.

Eventually, Last Stand will evolve into the campaign. It's not there yet, but it will be soon!

By not taking the kitchen-sink approach to adding features, I can keep Starfighter laser-focused and make sure that everything it does try to do, it does pretty well.