Seeing Double, Coming in Hot...

We have something special planned for those that will be at PAX. Over the last two weeks Oculus Rift support has been integrated into Enemy Starfighter. Quite a bit of work has gone into making this experience work well in VR, and we'll be continuing to improve it before and after the show. 

We're still not sure how deep this support is going to go in the final game, but now that you can swap between regular and Rift-enabled modes, it should be easier to keep it integrated moving forward.

The following is a Rift-enabled demo video during some testing on a debug map. Apologies for the 720p resolution, as YouTube doesn't like it when I upload the native 800p video. Those 80 pixels matter so much on this hardware! Next time I'll try recording at 1080p.


It's been a really interesting design exercise too, because it forces me to analyze and clean up the UI in many ways. It's amazing what you take for granted when you count on even a full 720p (at least) screen. I think the whole game has benefited from this pass, because everything got a whole lot cleaner. Constraints are good! 

There's still a lot to fix, namely the popping looping sounds that I'm getting on exterior fighter engines (it's not the clip contents). My OCD is kicking in hard on that bug so there's a good chance it will be fixed for PAX. 

In the meantime, get ready to dogfight at PAX! Now to get back to work!

Fun fact: We looked into Enemy Starfighter air-sickness bags for the show.

Edit: Popping has been fixed!