10.25.13 Update

The "shop" and the upgrade system.


A few outlets have been kind enough to give Enemy Starfighter a shout out! Have a look!

Thanks, everyone!



Brendon at BlendoGames gave me the idea to start streaming some of my dev work, so I gave it a shot. It turned out pretty well. There is a Marauder Interactive channel over at Twitch, so follow it if you want to get notified when it goes live. 


Dev Work

I've been working on a lot of small stuff recently: Things like tweaking AI behaviors for almost every ship, or working on the map UI so that subsystem selection is much cleaner.

I've also cleaned up one of my test scripts and turned it into sort of a last-stand mode which turned out pretty fun. I'm not sure how I'll integrate that into the game yet, but it made me polish a few underlying systems like my spawn points which is awesome!